Affiliate of Paceline Equity Partners Participates in $175 Million Facility for GCOM Software’s Merger with OnCore Consulting


An affiliate of Paceline participated in the closing of a $175 million HoldCo Note in support of GCOM’s acquisition of OnCore Consulting (together the “Company” or “GCOM”). The Company is a supplier of software, products, and solutions for state, local, and federal government end users with additional expertise in Software as a Service (“SaaS”) development, custom software solutions, and data & analytics. Through these products and services, GCOM benefits from high revenue visibility with long-term contracts and longstanding relationships with key state and local budgetary areas across different geographies and non-discretionary verticals (e.g., tax and revenue collection). Together, the two businesses will leverage a national corporate infrastructure and cross-sell software solutions and data analytics offerings across the combined customer base.

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