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Paceline is a Dallas-based
investment manager

We employ a flexible and contrarian approach to investing by identifying trends ahead of the market.

We invest in situations that involve complexity and/or idiosyncratic risk, in particular those in which our senior leadership team has experience or where we believe capital may be prevented from flowing efficiently to assets.

Our asset management strategy emphasizes value creation and an accelerated return of capital while also seeking to reduce risk.

Broad Capabilities and Unique Strategy


Paceline’s transaction sourcing strategies are designed to be agnostic of market conditions or the seller’s motivations. Paceline strives to find opportunities where value may be misunderstood or unlocked. Additionally, we seek to identify opportunities in which we deploy our specialized, tailored asset management strategies.

While Paceline remains industry agnostic, our team proactively screens sectors well suited for our strategy and capability set.

Rigorous Underwriting and Execution

Our team has years of experience underwriting complex or misunderstood investments.

We aim to employ comprehensive underwriting with a “capital-preservation” discipline: investments must generate a full return of invested capital even under severe stress.

Paceline strives to execute deals with certainty and speed to meet the needs of sellers.

Asset Management

Investments typically require a hands-on strategy to be deployed immediately upon acquisition. Paceline seeks to support and partner with its management teams in the execution of value creation strategies while also reducing investment risk during its hold period.

Paceline strives to outperform its underwriting with an emphasis on value creation, cost of capital optimization and generation of stabilized cash flow and capital return ahead of exit.

Experienced Team

Six founding partners have worked together for over 15-years

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